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FOR LARGE ITEMS- Please send a picture to second or bring in a photo to the store.  We can refer a local delivery company if needed.

FOR SMALLER ITEMS-No appointment is necessary, so drop off your items anytime during hours of operation.  This would include home decor, lovely decorative items and smaller furniture pieces.  

​We will price your items and sell your merchandise at a fair price for both buyer and seller.  Once your items have been accepted we offer:

% Consignment (50/50 split)  We price your items accordingly and place them on the store floor.  Once they sell, you will receive 50% and the store retains the other 50%. , Settlements are computed monthly.  Unsold items are returned or donated at the end of the 60 day contract.  Consignor is responsible for tracking their account by contacting the store for monthly updates.  After 30 days, the price may be reduced by 20% in order to help sell the item.  

Payments are made after the 1st of each month to our consignors.   


We Do Accept:

High End Furniture

Home Decor

Wall Hangings

Authentic Designer Handbags


*We have a TRUSTED cash for gold program


We Do Not Accept:

Furnishings from Discount Stores

Stained, uncleaned or otherwise damaged items

"No Thanks"

Please do not be offended if we can't accept all of your items.  Decisions made on consignment items are based on quality, condition, demand and current inventory.  Any items that we have seen as our "No Thanks" items can either be picked up by you or we will be happy to donate them to charity.


Second Showing reserves the right to mark down items at any time.